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May 20th, 2007

09:05 pm: I'd like to know why people keep calling me about Player IDs. It almost feels like they're... Trusting me? Nah, that can't be. There's got to be some other reason...

The only ex cards from the new set I seem to find are Absol and Shiftry ex. As a Psychic specialist, I find that quite disturbing. I want to trade them away ASAP.

You see, one good thing about living on an island, is that you don't really feel the need to travel anywhere. So, the only thing that worries me right now is the postal system. Is it still reliable? Would I be endangering my Xatu if I sent it to deliver my various trade halves?

I keep wondering things like that. Geez, alright, I hate to admit it, but I also feel unsafe.

April 26th, 2007

09:36 pm: Unown Card Collection

I thought you'd be interested.

Unown (D)
Unown (E)
Unown (F)
Unown (G)
Unown (K)
Unown (N)
Unown (Q)
Unown (R)
Unown (S)
Unown (W)
Unown (X)
Unown (Y)

At least, I think it's those. The Unown alphabet is rather confusing, even to me. I want the M, I want the M!!!

In other news, the tournament is in three days!

April 20th, 2007

07:38 pm: (OOC: Private entry.)

To this day, I wonder what made me surrender before the time came.

I was never very honorable, that's one thing. But lately, this sentence has been popping up in my thoughts. I think it was said before, I don't know who said it first. I may have just come up with it myself.

I sought absolute light, only to find various degrees of darkness...

Only I know what this really means.

April 12th, 2007

10:03 pm: Hey, guys, what's this sudden interest in the Sinnoh region about?
I mean... Heh. I'm also interested in it at the moment, but for a completely different reason.

New card sets are on the way, featuring, for the first time, Pokémon that are apparently only found over there. And apparently, many things about the card format and rules are going to change. And guess what?

Poison types are now considered Psychic types.

Psychic Zubat and Golbat, I swear! You should have seen Robert's face when he found out. Zubat and Golbat are two of his favorites.

So many things about the card game are changing... Yet, you can be sure the Psychic Club will be up for the test! The elite among the elite!

Leaving these news aside... This Psychic's bored. Really bored. We have a tournament scheduled for the 29th (the second-to-last tournament for this season) and I'm... Really sick of waiting. I can't believe it's still so far away. Ugh!

March 24th, 2007

03:29 pm: (OOC: A private entry kept as a personal note.)

Current deck


4 Grumpig (EX: Emerald - Teleport Blast)
4 Spoink (EX: Deoxys)
1 Diglett (EX: Crystal Guardians)
1 Dugtrio (EX: Crystal Guardians)
2 Lickitung d (EX: Dragon Frontiers)


4 Root Fossil
4 Mysterious Fossil
4 Claw Fossil
4 Cursed Stone
4 Mary's Request
3 Celio's Network
1 Battle Frontier
4 Potion


8 Water Energy
8 Psychic Energy
4 Holon Energy WP

March 21st, 2007

07:07 pm: Hmm, there seems to be another card club in the Hoenn region. However, only small kids appear to go there... Bummer. Oh, well, I suppose that's better than nothing...

Ah, I simply adore the new set. And you'll never guess! I got a couple boosters the other day, and guess what I found? Flareon star! Well, I have other star Pokémon, but this is the first time I find one in a booster pack. I know you envy my new Flareon, Mr. Flamberge! It's mine, though. As in, I'm not trading it.

I'm going to add it to my collection of star Pokémon, which also includes Alakazam (thanks again, Blue!), Mewtwo, Mew delta, Metagross, Celebi, Latios and Latias. Quite the collection, isn't it? I know!

Now, I hear there's an Espeon star out... If only I could figure out how to get one...

Current Mood: happyhappy

March 3rd, 2007

02:48 pm: I'm quite free right now, if you leave aside my usual undesired housemates.

The Grand Masters have been taken to GR Island as prisoners, so there's nobody guarding the Pokémon Dome... So I could snatch a few books from their library for some research I'm doing. Don't worry, I'll give them back once I'm done.

You see, I'm elaborating a set of metaphysical theories which should shed some light on the peculiar energy distinguishing each Pokémon type alignment, as well as the feelings and personalities normally associated with those elements. Hopefully, this whole matter should lead to the formulation of a few pieces of advice on Pokémon care.

Once I'm done with it, I'll post my findings here, as I'd like to be able to discuss them with you before I try to get a book about them published.

In the meantime... Rui, I'd like it if you could help me with my research. Can we meet?

Current Mood: complacentcomplacent

February 27th, 2007

10:13 pm: The thing with magic and homeopathic stuff in general is that you have to be wary and avoid imposters.

I just found this book in my library, about how to build supposedly magical amulets. It's definitely hilarious... I mean, how am I supposed to get Zapdos blood (guess I've got to mention that line to Steve!), or crush a Moon Stone into powder without using a machine? And, using ingredients like blood and spit to make perfumes to soak the amulets with? Something tells me that stuff doesn't actually smell very good...

Also, the fake prayers you have to "consecrate" the amulets with. I could write crappy ancient-sounding poetry like that myself, I bet.

Current Mood: amusedamused

February 18th, 2007

05:41 pm: Well, this sucks. We're under the control of the Great Rocket, and there's not much we can do about it. I've been confined to my own rooms, myself.

It's... Very boring. I've built a couple new decks, but I have very few people to test them with.

The only news from the outside world that have reached me here is that Rustboro City's Sableye TCG club, in order for the Rocket commotion not to interfere with their activity, have moved to a small cave dug by Pokémon near Meteor Falls. They seem pretty proud of it, too, as it fits their Sableye theme... Whatever.

It's a rather odd idea, but you can't imagine how much I wish we could do the same.

Current Mood: boredbored

February 13th, 2007

10:21 pm: (OOC: Rockets only.)

Hostage released.

She has agreed to grant the team a percent on her profit.

I hope you will be satisfied by this result.

Moreover, thanks to the help of Silver, I may have established my identity within the Great Rocket: I shall be known as "Seer". I will be wearing a purple mask.

I'm currently hosting three Great Rocket members, and I hope more will come soon. I also hope you will someday grant me the honor of hosting members from the main branch of the Team.

Murray out.

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